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Garden Design and Landscaping Services

The garden is an incredibly important part of any home as it is not only the first view that any visitor will see, creating that all-important first impression, but it is also the place that you will spend time relaxing and enjoying your leisure time. So why not have your own paradise at home?

Each person has their own idea of what makes a great garden, this is why we take our clients' input so seriously. It is our job to impliment gardens that suit the requirements, likes and lifestyle of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and high level of service. We offer a turnkey service, including garden design, landscape installation, irrigation, construction, water features and decking.

Our careful attention to detail and close supervision ensures that every job undertaken is performed to the highest standard and we endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients every step of the way.

We offer our services to clients throughout South Africa and Internationally.

The Friendly Plant - Vehicle fleet


This is our fleet of vehicles for transporting goods and staff to our garden installations

How we work...

We take a professional approach to landscaping. In order for us to be able to provide you with a quotation, we first require a landscape design which details the scope and scale of the work to be performed.

We design our gardens using industry-leading CAD software, which provides us with an accurate way of visualizing as well as quantifying the items to be included in the garden.

Our work flow is as follows:

- We make use of the house plans of the client (which show the house boundary walls in relation to the boundary of the stand as well as doors and windows) as our starting point for our design

- The client provides us with an approximate budget within which to work

- We design a garden layout based on your likes, dislikes and requirements including an irrigation system, water features and other landscape elements that may be required

- Once the design package has been completed, we arrange for a hand-over meeting. This meeting takes place at our 44-acre wholesale farm in Muldersdrift (see photo below). We walk you through the nursery and show you the plants used in the design. This makes it possible for you to see which plants are in your design as well as give you the opportunity to make changes or additions to the plants used, should you wish

Our offices in Muldersdrift, close to both Johannesburg and Pretoria


A Google Earth view of our offices situated on our 44-acre farm close to Johannesburg and Pretoria

Our garden designs are a professional product and the result of many hours of work, for which we charge a design fee.

2D CAD Designs:

Our landscaping process starts with a garden design package. This includes:

- a detailed 2D design of the garden or sections of the garden (as the case may be) which is drawn to scale. This is almost like a paint-by-numbers, showing a bird’s eye view of the garden design

- a detailed quotation relating to the softscape garden design (a quotation for any hardscape elements will be given on approval of design and finishes by the client)

Each and every design that we draw is a custom design for which we charge a design fee. Please contact us in order to find out more about our fees.

2D CAD landscape garden design example


Above is an example of a 2D CAD garden design (scroll down to the next image to see this same area in a 3D design)

Click here to download an example of one of our 2D CAD garden designs

3D Design work:

We also offer 3D design work for pools, water features, designer decks, patios and other hardscape areas. The 3D design is a rendered 3D video of the space and our design fees are based on the scale and complexity of the design.  

Garden landscape design 3D


Above is an example of a 3D hardscape garden design (this is the same area as depicted in the 2D CAD design shown above)

Taking 3D Landscape Garden Design to the next level

In addition to our 2D and 3D design work, we also offer detailed 3D video walk-throughs which bring our ideas to life

Visit our Youtube channel to see a few more examples of our 3D video walk-through designs...

A Proud Member of the Evergreen Group - We are a Diners Club International Preferred MerchantA Proud Member of the Evergreen Group We are a Diners Club International Preferred Merchant

About us

We are an internationally-recognised, award-winning landscape design and installation company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our work is regularly featured in glossy lifestyle magazines, hardcover coffee-table books and television shows. We have designed and installed 8 gardens for the Big Brother reality television show and were awarded "Best of 2013, 2014 & 2015" on

Our managing director, Craig de Necker has been interviewed a number of times on both television and prime-time radio shows.

Beyond Landscaping...

We are a full-service (design, install, build) garden landscaping company, currently operating 7 fully supervised landscape installation teams in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We also work internationally and currently service clients in 15 countries including Angola, Botswana, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Germany, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.