What type of landscaping work do you perform?

We are a full-service landscaping company, offering a turnkey solution from providing a professional garden design (2D CAD or 3D design) through to plant supply and installation as well as the construction of garden elements such as water features, decking, paving swimming pools, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, etc.

In which geographic regions do you undertake landscaping work?

Although we are based in the West Rand in Gauteng, we work anywhere!

We have clients throughout South Africa and we also service clients in many other countries. Find out more about the landscaping services that we offer to International clients...

Is it really necessary to draw a design of the garden? Can't you just have a look at my property and give me a quote?

It's a lot like asking a builder to quote you on building your house without first giving him a set of plans.

There are many landscapers and each has their own approach to their work. Sadly, many landscapers still make use of sketches or concept drawings which are not drawn to scale. These very inaccurate 'designs' are then used in order to calculate a quotation.

We take a professional approach to our work. We provide our clients with a professional landscape design that is drawn to scale and is extremely comprehensive in terms of what we would be delivering. Like any creative art, landscape design is a time-consuming process and better results are achieved with time. However, once the design is complete, the client knows what they can expect from their new garden and an accurate quotation can be calculated.

Each design is based on the taste and lifestyle of a specific client, we do not copy and paste from one client to the next - please visit our photo galleries to see the many varied designs that we have created and installed over the years.

Can you provide us with a quotation if we already have a design from a landscaper or landscape architect?

Yes, we most certainly can, provided that your design contains all the necessary material and plant quantities, site dimensions and information, such as the slope of the land, underground pipes and cables, site access, storage areas etc.

If you already have a design, we can provide you with a quotation for the plant supply and / or complete garden installation.

Why do you charge a design fee? Can't you just give me some ideas for my garden?

As landscapers, we generate our livelihood from our creativity, years of experience and our reputation that extends well beyond the borders of our country.

Being a professional landscaping company, we take our projects seriously and invest many thousands of rands every year upgrading to the latest industry-leading CAD software, design and surveying equipment in order to be at the cutting edge of the technology that is applicable to our industry.

We create professional designs meticulously drawn to scale and which conform to our clients' requirements. Of course, there are different horses for different courses and there are many landscapers who will provide a design at no cost (typically a rough sketch that is not drawn to scale or properly quanified).

Please click here to find out more about our design fees. 

I've seen many landscapers jot down sketches or 'designs' on a pad of paper. Why do you make use of costly design software?

There are a number of reasons why a detailed CAD design is the better way to go:

The plants and other items used in the CAD design are defined and quantified so that you as the client, know exactly how many of each type and size of plants are going to be supplied in order to complete your garden (ie. You know what you are buying)

Scale drawings help to ensure correct plant quantities and plant spacing. This prevents over and under-populated plant beds once the job has been completed (ie. You know that you are buying as far as possible the correct quantities of materials)

The final product is far easier to accurately envisage than it would be if your only source of reference was simply an abstract free-hand sketch

Are your jobs supervised or do you simply drop off staff in the morning and collect them again in the afternoon?

All of our jobs are supervised by our landscape installation managers. This ensures not only that the integrity of the design, but also that a high standard of work and attention to detail are maintained.

Our landscape installation managers are overseen by our design team, who in turn report to our managing director so that progress and quality can be monitored and any problems can be dealt with as soon as they are identified.

We want to install the garden ourselves... can we make use of your services for the design only?

Yes, we can design your garden and also supply you with plants and other materials.

I have a townhouse garden, do you landscape small gardens?

Yes we do. We have undertaken landscaping projects ranging in size from 20m2 to over 60,000m2 with costs ranging from just a few thousand rand to large international projects costing millions of US dollars.

Our work ranges from gardens in sectional title complexes to multi-acre properties in residential estates as well as hotels and public parks.

We endeavour to provide you with a design that suits your needs as well as your lifestyle.

There are many fly-by-night landscapers offering landscaping services. How do I know that you are indeed a reputable company?

As in almost any industry, we are sorry to say that there are also unscrupulous and unprofessional landscapers in the green industry. By choosing The Friendly Plant, peace of mind is part of the package:

- We are a member of The Evergreen Group, one of the biggest players in the green industry in South Africa
- We operate from a 44-acre farm, which is owned by our group
- We have a proven track record
- Our work has been featured in numerous magazines, hardcover books and television programmes over the years
- We can provide you with a list of clients who can give you the assurance and peace of mind that you are looking for

A Proud Member of the Evergreen Group - We are a Diners Club International Preferred Merchant A Proud Member of the Evergreen Group We are a Diners Club International Preferred Merchant

About us

We are an internationally-recognised, award-winning landscape design and installation company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our work is regularly featured in glossy lifestyle magazines, hardcover coffee-table books and television shows. We have designed and installed 8 gardens for the Big Brother reality television show and were awarded "Best of 2013, 2014 & 2015" on

Our managing director, Craig de Necker has been interviewed a number of times on both television and prime-time radio shows.

Beyond Landscaping...

We are a full-service (design, install, build) garden landscaping company, currently operating 7 fully supervised landscape installation teams in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We also work internationally and currently service clients in 15 countries including Angola, Botswana, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Germany, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.